Special Needs Care

We are here to enhance public awareness and understanding of people with disabilities, also to encourage the establishment of an inclusive society. We aim to empower VWOs in providing innovative solutions in the disability and special needs space.

Elderly Care

As Singapore hurdles towards an ageing population, it is our primary pursuit to provide holistic care for the elderly who have played an important role in our families. We believe that improving the quality of care and preserving their dignity will help our seniors live and age happily.

Medical Assistive Devices

Through early intervention and integrated technology, we hope to enhance the daily routine, mobility and learning abilities of the underprivileged, as well as their participation in the community.

At Chua Foundation, we welcome VWOs with underfunded programmes in the areas of special needs care, elderly care and medical assistive devices to apply for our funding. Please visit our Application page or click Apply.

Selected Beneficiaries

AWWA Early Intervention Centre

Chua Foundation provided funding to subsidise transportation and programme fees for AWWA’s low-income clients, to create free caregiver training programmes and to purchase medical assistive devices for PWDs.

Canossaville Children and Community Service

In 2019, Chua Foundation provided funding support to build a new occupational therapy room. Additionally, in 2022, we financed the Canossaville’s Gift of Communication project, which aims to develop and implement a bilingual-bimodal approach in its EIPIC and preschool by increasing internal capacity and enhancing advocacy and outreach efforts.

Dementia Singapore

JaDE 1.0: Funded the creation of a physical toolkit for arts and dementia, the training of artists, community members and volunteers, and the implementation of arts and dementia projects.

JaDE 2.0: Funded the creation of a physical and a digital toolkit for arts and dementia, the training of artists, community members and volunteers, and the implementation of arts and dementia projects.

MINDS Woodlands Gardens School

Funded the set up of an eco-sensory garden as a Learning Hub for students and engagement with parents and the local community. In addition, we also provided funding for free workshops for caregivers of children with special needs.

Presbyterian Community Services

Supported the expansion of their Education Support Programme (which provides preschool services for children with special needs). Funding was used to employ special needs specialists, create new training programmes for staff, increase intake of students with special needs, and create a home based programme for students and parents.

Singapore Repertory Theatre

Provided funding for the creation and development of an inclusive youth theatre company for 4 years (from 2020-2023).

St Andrew’s Autism Centre

Funding was provided for the construction of a ward consisting of multiple single rooms at the Compassvale Adult Disability Home.

Sun Love Home

Annually, the Chua Foundation funds CNY buffet lunches for Sun Love’s residents, and care packs for residents during festive seasons.

Tsao Foundation

Funded a series of workshops regarding holistic healthcare and long-term planning for persons with intellectual disabilities.


Seed funded YMCA’s Y Camp Challenge (Pilot Programme) for low-functioning and high-support persons with disabilities.