Madam Seah had humble beginnings, was born in a village in Fujian, China and arrived in Singapore after WWII. Growing up with little formal education, she understood the importance of education and kindness. While running a tight ship at home, she also finds time for those in need.

Today, the Chua Foundation is being funded by her children who fondly remembers their Mother and the values she stood for.


Chua Foundation aims to foster an inclusive community for the underprivileged in Singapore and to inspire others to contribute. The Foundation proactively searches for underfunded causes and aims to work with strategic partners and organisations to identify and find solutions for the growing needs of the disadvantaged while cultivating an inclusive community.


To provide innovative solutions and financial assistance to Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) while encouraging collaboration amongst like-minded partners. We seek to realise the following


Achieving the maximum impact with sustainable programs, driving outreach and the multiplier effect


Collaborating extensively with like-minded organisations to drive awareness and innovative solutions

True Potential

Empowering the beneficiaries to achieve their true potential with a holistic approach

Message from Our Founders

As founders of the Chua Foundation, we believe that everyone should get the opportunity to make the most of their lives. Our aim is to create an impact by identifying underfunded causes and to empower like-minded organisations who are bold and innovative in finding solutions. We aim to achieve real measurable impact and to work with organisations to further the success of each project through transparency and accountability.

At Chua Foundation, we believe that learning by doing teaches best. The younger generation are encouraged to take on community projects, and to volunteer in the programs that the Foundation has supported. By immersing them at a younger age, we hope that the concept of giving will become their identity.

As founders of the Chua Foundation, we are committed to create a more inclusive community by sharing the spirit of our philosophy with our peers. We look forward to collaborating with organisations and individuals who share the same vision of achieving better results with collaborative partnerships.

Sincerely yours,
The Chua Family

Board of Directors

Nicholas Chua

Ho Bee Land Ltd / CEO

Chiam Tao Koon
Independent Director

Allen & Gledhill / Partner

Lau Kam Yuen
Independent Director

KPMG / Partner


Chua Thian Poh

Ho Bee Land Ltd / Founder

Chua Thiam Chok

Ho Bee Print Pte Ltd / Founder

Chua Weiling

One Hill Capital Pte Ltd / CEO

William Chua

Ho Bee Print Pte Ltd / General Manager

Gerald Chua

Lauro Asset Management / Investment Analyst