Guidelines & Eligibility
Chua Foundation accepts applications only from Singaporean-based organisations of a valid Institute of a Public Character (IPC) status.

We look for grantees whose primary purpose aligns with ours, within one of the following categories:

  1. Special Needs Care
  2. Elderly Care

Sponsorship Proposals

To be considered for a grant from the Foundation, we must receive a funding proposal. The proposal should include

  1. Organisation
    • Mission & Vision
    • Objectives
  2. Project Details
    • Literature Review / Needs Assessment (if any)
    • Target Audience and their profile
    • Goals and Objectives
    • Outcomes and Outcome Indicators
    • Staff / Administration
    • Publicity Plan
    • Timeline
  3. Evaluation Plan
  4. Budget and Justifications
    • Projected income and expenditures
    • Sponsorship Request

Please send your proposal to, with your name, company title and contact information (email and mobile number), with the subject “Funding Proposal for (your organisation’s name)”

Evaluation of Requests
Only requests within our strategic causes will be evaluated.
If a request is considered, the organisation may be asked to provide additional information before any decisions are made.